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Security Facts

38% of all assaults occur during a home invasion.

60% of all reported rapes occur during a home invasion.

Homes on a corner lot are more likely to be burglarized.

If your home has had a burglary, the odds of being burglarized again dramatically increase. The stolen items have been replaced with new items.

Over 2.7 Million Burglaries were reported to law enforcement agencies in 1994 (the latest published data), with 2 out of 3 being residential.

Sixty-seven percent of all burglaries involved forcible entry. Over half (52 percent) of the burglaries occurred during the daylight hours.

The value of property stolen during burglaries was estimated at over 3.6 billion dollars in 1994.

Fire Facts

Residential property was involved in 60 percent of the structural fires started by arsonists. Of the arson cases cleared by the FBI, 48 percent involved juveniles (under the age of 18).

A fire department responds to a fire every 15 seconds.

Someone was killed by a fire somewhere in the U.S. every 2 hours.

More than $250 in property is lost to a fire per second.

80% of all fire deaths occur in the home

Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Home Secure

Protect Your Doors and Windows


There are many inexpensive ways to make your home and family safer. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to make your home a safer place to live.

Front DoorProtect your doors. Statistics show that 80% of all break-ins are through a door. Doors with low visibility from the street and neighbors are particularly vulnerable.

Simple door locks are vulnerable to credit cards or shaped pieces of a venetian blind and offer almost no security.

Dead Bolt Lock
Dead bolt locks are the best. Make sure that they have at least 1" draw into the door jam.

Sliding Door Lock
Sliding doors are not very secure. Place a metal bar or a wooden dowel rod in the door track.

Window LockThe best method is to pin the door so that it can't be lifted out of the track. These pins can be purchased from your local locksmith or hardware store.

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