6 Devices Every Senior Needs in Their Home

6 Devices Every Senior Needs in Their Home

We can all agree that getting older is not something we really look forward to. True, the experience and wisdom that come with the process are a fantastic bonus. However, the less-than-glamorous parts are often discomforting. The aches and pains, the trouble getting around, the fact that we are not as quick-witted as we used to be: it can get on a senior’s nerves.

Fortunately, there is a lot we can all do to make aging in place more enjoyable and safe. In no particular order, here’s our list of devices that you need to make the best of your sunset years.

A Medical Alert System

Medical alert systems, although they sound ominous, are, in fact, devices that can make aging a lot less stressful. They are designed to get you the help you need as quickly as possible, should you take a tumble or simply feel unwell.

Most accidents happen in the home, and seniors are more prone to accidents the older they get. This device can literally be a lifesaver by directing an ambulance or a loved one to your address if you ever happen to slip in the tub.

If you also suffer from a health condition that may take a sudden turn for the worse, you will be able to sleep much more soundly, knowing that help will be available at the touch of a button, should that ever happen. And even if you are perfectly healthy, knowing there is someone watching over you that you can reach with the touch of a button or a loud yell will make you feel much safer.

Fingerprint Door Lock

We all forget to grab our keys when heading to the shops sometimes. And we all have trouble unlocking the door while simultaneously carrying a couple of bags and an umbrella. When you also happen to have arthritis, this everyday task can get that much more annoying.

With the installation of a fingerprint lock, you’ll never have to worry about the keys again. All you will have to do is touch your lock and it will open for you. You can also allow your family and friends the option of entering your home without a key. This can prove extremely useful if you ever need them to drop something off while you’re not there or to come in and help you if you’re feeling unwell.

Motion-Activated Lights

The fact that we’re pointing out fall hazards in seniors for the second time is by no means meant to be a slight. It’s just an unwelcome fact of getting older. One of the culprits behind this increase in home accidents and tumbles is seniors’ failing eyesight. If you don’t see the chair leg, how are you expected to avoid it? Add frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and there’s your recipe for a broken bone.

Of course, you can install night lights. But you have to remember to turn them on, and what happens if you prefer to sleep in total darkness? Install a motion-activated set of lights, and you’ll ensure you see your surroundings even during the night as you answer nature’s call. Plus, you’ll reduce your electricity bill, which is surely a welcome bonus.

A Stovetop Burner Alert

Forgetting to turn the stove off after you’ve just made yourself a cup of tea can quickly escalate into a proper nightmare – especially if you’ve also carelessly left a dishcloth lying around nearby. Even if there is no fire hazard, you never want to leave the stove on when you’re not in attendance.

A burner alert thus becomes a handy device that will let you know when the stove is still on so that you can quickly remedy the oversight. This can be especially useful if you leave the house forgetting to check whether you’ve turned off all the appliances.

A Smart Thermostat

Tinkering with the thermostat can become a pain in the neck as you get older, especially if the dials are fidgety or if you need to make frequent adjustments. But with a smart thermostat that you can connect to a smartphone, you won’t have this issue again. All you’ll need to do is click a couple of buttons, and the temperature will suit your liking.

Some smart thermostats are also very good at making their own adjustments. For example, you can set them to always keep a room at a certain temperature at a specific part of the day. Enjoy a pleasantly toasty or refreshingly cool home at all times.

Smart Pill Dispensers

Getting older also involves having to take a fair bit of medication. Even a much younger person wouldn’t be able to keep up with the different med-taking schedules and dosages. Luckily, a simple device like a smart pill dispenser can save you all the trouble.

It will automatically give you the right pill at the right time. Some models can even remind you it’s time to take a certain medicine. This will forever eliminate the risk of forgetting to take an important pill or accidentally taking one that you were only meant to take at a different time. Not to mention, it’s the best way to prevent accidental overdoses.

Don’t start thinking that a device like this signals that you are becoming forgetful. It’s just a precaution. Above all, it’s a handy device that can make life easier if you don’t read too much into it.

Final Thoughts

All of these devices can help you enjoy your senior years more, keeping you safe and easing your mind. After all, we’re all aware of the fact that our health will start to fail as we get older. So, it’s merely a question of adjusting to the changes as best we can, as opposed to living in denial.

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