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How Many Sensors Do I Need?

How Many Sensors Do I Need?

For Apartments and Smaller Homes

The GetSafe Starter Kit is often the perfect security system for apartments or small homes. You can get the security you need without buying anything extra. Security alarm installation doesn’t have to be complicated. GetSafe’s starter kit gives you the basics, with one door/window sensor, plus one motion detector.

  • Place a sensor on the front door.
  • Another sensor goes on the patio door or a window.
  • The motion detector covers your living room or bedroom.

If you have a larger residence, or live in a ground floor apartment where someone can access your windows, you may want to add more sensors to your system.

For Larger Homes
How many sensors do you need to cover larger residences?

Door/Window Sensors – We recommend having one door/window sensor for every entrance to your home. This includes:

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Garage door
  • Basement door
  • Doors between your basement or garage into your home.

For added security, you can place a sensor on each ground floor window, but that increases the cost of the system – particularly if you have a lot of windows! It’s often simpler and cheaper to install a motion sensor that covers the room and all of its windows.

Motion Detector Sensors – Our Motion Detector Sensor has a field of view covering 900 horizontally and 1050 vertically, and can detect humans up to 40 feet away. Placed in the corner of a normal-sized room, it should easily be able to cover the entire room.

Be careful about blind spots. Sometimes furniture blocks the sensor’s field of view or there’s a corner area without coverage. You don’t have to cover every nook and cranny of a room. If the sensor covers the room’s entry points and the main pathway through the room, you should be able to detect an intruder.

Easily test your coverage by mounting the sensor and then moving around the room. Even with the system disarmed, our smartphone app still reports the status of all sensors and shows when a sensor is activated.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to worry about pets. The advanced Passive Infra-red technology used in our sensors can tell the difference between pets and humans.

Motion Detector Cameras – Our indoor/outdoor Motion Detector Camera is optional, but many customers love this part of the system. The camera allows you to see what’s happening at your home, whether someone is knocking on your door, peeping in your windows or moving through your living room.

Like the Motion Detector Sensor, the camera has a field of view covering 900 horizontally and 1050 vertically, can see as far away 32 feet, and has a built-in LED light that turns on in the dark when the IR sensor detects motion. The only difference in the two is the camera.

A single camera has the range and field of view to cover the average room, home entrance or outdoor patio. However, since the motion-activated camera can have a few seconds delay before recording, many customers like to use two cameras to cover different angles of approach.

The Motion Detector Camera doubles as a motion detector alarm and can send alerts when activated. If you install a Motion Detector Camera in your living room, you may not need a Motion Detector Sensor as well.

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GetSafe Home Security system is modular, so you can always add more sensors. It’s the most painless alarm installation and expansion process you can imagine. There’s no programming or pairing involved, since your SmartHub automatically detects new sensors.

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