App functions

The GetSafe Home Security app has the following arming modes:
Arm Away
Day Arm
Night Arm
Arming and disarming can be done by using a number of different tools. These tools
trigger arming commands as well as provide feedback for the user.



Arm Away

In the Arm Away mode of operation, the GetSafe system protects all zones. The Arm Away mode arms all of the peripheral devices on the premises. An alarm can be triggered by any of the devices when detecting an intrusion.
To activate Arm Away mode, tap  ArmAway-01  in the Home screen.



Day Arm

In the Day Arm mode, the system is designed to allow you to monitor zones designated as
hazardous and protect against avoidable accidents. The Day Arm mode is used mostly for childcare and safety applications. This mode provides you with the tools to monitor zones like medicine
cabinets, swimming pools, basements, and other areas that are potentially dangerous to children.
To activate Day Arm mode, tap DayArm-01 in the Home screen.



Night Arm

In the Night Arm mode of operation, the system is designed to allow you to monitor designated
areas on the premises to protect against intruders. For example, the Night Arm mode can be
configured to arm only the front door, the back door, the balcony, and other areas susceptible to
The activate Night Arm mode, tap  NightArm-01   in the Home screen.




When the system is armed, the arming buttons are replaced by  Disarm_2. To disarm the system in the app, tap Disarm. 

When your system detects an event, the arming buttons are replaced by  Disarm.
If you enabled PIN security to disarm your system, you need to enter your PIN to disarm.



Delayed Arming

Delayed Arming allows you to activate Arm Away while still on the premises by providing a
configurable amount of time to exit without triggering the alarm.
NOTE: The Delayed Arming feature is applicable only for Arm Away mode.
After you activate Arm Away, the siren and tag reader beep for the configured duration, until the
system is actually armed.
If you arm the system using the app, a countdown screen is displayed showing the number of seconds remaining until the system is armed. To cancel, tap DISARM.
You can configure the delay duration in the app. 




Alarms and Alerts Handling

An alarm can be triggered by the following:
Security Alarms
* A door/window magnetic sensor detects that a window or door has been opened.
* A motion detector or a camera detector detects motion.
* Any one of the devices is tampered with.
Safety Alarms
* Smoke Detector
* Flood Detector
* Universal Transmitter interfacing between GetSafe and third-party safety devices
Panic Alarms
If an alarm is triggered, you receive alarm notifications on the smartphone where the app is installed
When an alarm is triggered:
The app sends an SMS.
The app Home screen displays the alarm.
You can end the alarm as follows:
Disarm– Make emergency phone calls.
Disarm– Disarm the system.
Disarm– Silence the siren while the system remains armed.



Managing Devices

The app requires detailed definition of the devices included in the system.
The following are use cases for application of the special features of the GetSafe devices:
Entry/Exit feature
Walk Through Feature
Chime Feature




The Entry/Exit feature provides you with tools to configure the time to arm or disarm the system
while entering or exiting the premises, without triggering an alarm.
The Entry/Exit feature is usually enabled for a door/window magnetic sensor installed on the main
entrance door, or for a motion detector or a camera detector installed in the entrance.
This configuration can be enabled, per device, for the security devices:
Motion detector
Camera detector
Door/window magnetic sensor
To enable for the entire system, use the delayed arming feature.
When the Entry/Exit feature is enabled:
A Premises Entry Delay of 30 seconds can be triggered by a detection event, allowing the user
to disarm the system prior to triggering an alarm.
* If a siren is installed, the delay is accompanied by short beeps to remind the user about
the delay.
* If the system is not disarmed within the 30-second delay period, an alarm is triggered
and a burglar alarm process is initiated including broadcasting notifications and emails.
A Premises Exit Delay of 30 seconds is triggered only when the system is armed using a tag
This delay allows the user to arm their system and leave the premises without triggering
an alarm.
* The tag reader and siren, if installed, sound an alarm of short beeps to remind the user of
this delay.



Devices Allowing Walk-Through

The Walk-Through feature is provided for situations where a camera detector or a motion detector is installed near an entrance or an exit. If a camera detector or a motion detector is in close proximity to a door equipped with a door/window magnetic sensor, defined as Entry/Exit, movement detection might trigger an alarm within the delay period.
The Walk-Through configuration may be enabled, per device, for the security devices. This feature is operational only if another security device in the system is configured as Entry/Exit.
Configuring a device as Walk-Through with no other device configured as Entry/Exit is feasible, but will have no functional value in the system.

A single device may be defined as either Entry/Exit or Walk-Through.
When the Walk-Through feature is enabled:
Throughout the 30-second delay period of an Entry/Exit configured device, the device
configured as Walk-Through triggers an alarm only if triggered before the device defined as
The detection of the Walk-Through device is logged in the Recent Events report.
If Entry/Exit and the system is not disarmed within the 30-second delay period, the Walk-
Through device will trigger an alarm.
If the Walk-Through device is directly triggered (the Entry/Exit device was not triggered
first), an alarm is immediately triggered.
If the Walk-Through device is a camera detector and is triggered following an Entry/Exit
device and the system was disarmed, a security image capturing event will be logged.
However, no security clip is available for view since no alarm was triggered.
If a door/window magnetic sensor is installed on the main-entry door and defined as
Entry/Exit, and a camera detector or a motion detector is installed in front of the door or in
close proximity, the camera detector or the motion detector should be configured as a Walk-
Through device.





The Chime feature provides an audible warning for a door being opened when the system is
The Chime feature may be enabled only for a door/window magnetic sensor and for an installation
that includes a siren.
A door/window magnetic sensor can be defined both as Entry/Exit or Walk-Through and as Chime.
When the Chime feature is enabled:
Whenever the system is disarmed, the siren will emit a bell-like sound whenever the
door/window magnetic sensor is opened.
Users who want an audible warning to sound when a door is opened, as in small shops or offices, may want an installation that includes both a door/window magnetic sensor and an indoor siren.

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