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Should I Arm My Security System When I’m Home?

Should I Arm My Security System When I’m Home?

The short answer is “absolutely!” The average burglar can be in and out of your home in less time than it takes to savor a martini.

It Only Takes a Minute for a Thief to Enter

People tend to let their guard down while at home, and why not? That’s what “home” means: a safe space where you can relax and unwind. But while you’re chilling on the back patio or enjoying the sunset from the balcony, a burglar can enter through an unlocked door and help himself.

It doesn’t take long. The average burglar spends about ten minutes in a home. 

Most burglaries happen during the daytime when people are at work or school. The morning you wake up with the flu may be the day that the thief who’s been casing your house decides to pay a visit. He won’t be bringing chicken soup, so there’s no reason to make it easy for him.


“Day” and “Night” Options Help Avoid False Alarms  

Fear of false alarms is the most common reason people leave the system off when they’re at home. It’s a valid worry: a number of cities require home alarm system permits and fines for multiple false alarms.

Avoid false alarms with the “Day” and “Night” options in the GetSafe app.

  • Day: You can easily move around inside your home without triggering the motion detector alarm or entry sensors on interior doors and cabinets.
  • Night: Set custom rules so the system will notify you if someone enters through an exterior door or window. Our 85-db alarm siren will rouse even the deepest sleeper – and probably the neighbors too!

The “Away” option activates the entire system, including motion detectors and cameras. It watches your home when you can’t.  In addition, our system works with Nest. Control your security system and thermostat with just one app.

Avoid Dangerous Situations

Burglaries do happen when people are at home, and those incidents are more likely to turn violent. US Department of Justice statistics show that only about 28% of burglaries take place when someone is home, but 26% of those incidents resulted in injuries.

If you have a DIY home security system, there’s no reason to play the odds. The GetSafe app lets you choose between three fully customizable arming options. These options help avoid false alarms and keep you and your home safe.

Check out our video that shows just a one of the many ways you can customize the app:

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