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Simple DIY Home Security

Even if you can’t drive a nail or hang a picture, you can install our home security system. Our equipment mounts with simple peel-and-stick tape. No nails, no wires, no mounting hardware, and no technicians or expensive installation charges.

Step 1: Smart Hub

Step 1: Smart Hub

The Smart Hub is the nerve center of your home security system. Plug it into a power outlet and connect it to your home computer network with an Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Get the App

Step 2: Get the App

Download the GetSafe app to your smartphone. Create an account and register your Smart Hub. The app controls the system and is the center of the GetSafe ecosystem.

Step 3: Sensors

Step 3: Sensors

Put the batteries in the sensors and mount them on your doors, windows, and walls with our peel-and-stick tape. The sensors in your Starter Kit are already paired with the Smart Hub.

Step 4: Test it

Step 4: Test it

Move around your home and see which sensors activate. The app will tell you which ones have triggered, without setting off an alarm. Still not sure it’s working? Give us a call! Our customer service reps can help you test everything.

Build It Your Way

Our customers range from small apartment dwellers to mansion-sized home owners.  Shop our online store and get what you need. Or give us a call and let us help you customize a system specifically for your home or office.

You pay only for the extra hardware, with no additional fees for monitoring extra sensors. Adding a new sensor is as easy as opening the package and mounting it on a wall, door or window. Your Smart Hub communicates with the sensors through a secure RF network, and it instantly recognizes new sensors.

Discourage Break-Ins Ahead of Time

 Displaying that you have a security system in your home decreases the chances of a break in occurring. Plus it helps that the stylish sign is super durable to stand tall all year long.

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You CAN Take It With You

Moving? No problem. You can pack up your GetSafe security system and move it to a new home. Just disarm the system, unplug the Smart Hub and detach your sensors from the walls and doors. We include an extra set of double-sided tape in every Starter Kit!

Once you’ve moved to your new home, mount the sensors and reconnect the Smart Hub. You’re done. Your change of address doesn’t affect our monthly monitoring or reset your contract.

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