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Home Security Facts

Home Security Facts

If you experience a break in, chances are your property is long gone: only 10% of burglaries reported to police result in an arrest. While it’s good news that burglary rates have fallen, the dollar value of items stolen continues to rise.

Fact: Burglars hate security systems

83% of burglars say they look for a security system before attempting a break-in. 60% leave if they see one.

Fact: Burglars keep coming back for more

  • Thieves know that if they steal your old laptop, you’re likely buy a brand new one. They can steal that one too – and it’s even more valuable!
  • If your neighbors have been hit, look out. Your home may be the next target.

Fact: Apartments and condos are popular targets for burglars.

People are used to seeing strangers coming and going, so it’s easy for to disguise themselves as maintenance workers, restaurant delivery drivers, or even medical personnel and gain entry to “secure” buildings.

Fact: Burglary rates are higher for renters than homeowners

  • Many renters don’t install security systems because they can’t alter the structure of the house. Wireless home security is a terrific option. 
  • The average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime; they don’t want to get locked into long contracts with security companies.
  • Landlords don’t always change locks when a new tenant moves in. Two, three… or a dozen strangers could have a key to your front door.

Fact: You may know your burglar/attacker

  • In 65% of violent burglaries (where someone in the home sustained injury), the burglar knew the victims.
  • In 30% of non-violent burglaries where someone was home, the burglar knew the residents.
  • Households composed of single women with children are more likely to be burglarized while someone is home. They’re perceived as vulnerable by the burglar.

Fact: Time of day matters in a burglary

  • Almost half of burglaries take place between 6am and 6pm
  • You aren’t home and most of your neighbors aren’t either.
  • Thieves steal more when nobody is home.

The most important fact of all is that a burglary takes place very 15 seconds and any home without a security system is an attractive target. GetSafe’s home security system is an affordable, DIY solution that you customize to to fit your lifestyle. There are no annual contracts and the system is completely portable.

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