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Lower Your Insurance Premium With A Home Security System

Lower Your Insurance Premium With A Home Security System

Save money and stay safe with a home security system. Seriously, it’s a win/win. You could save up to 20% on insurance costs just by installing a monitored system. Home security systems lower insurance premiums because they reduce the risk of property damage and theft.

Lower risk for insurers = lower rates for you.

Even Renters Can Get Lower Rates

Old-style wired security systems didn’t make sense for renters because the system stayed with the property. Even if the tenant wanted to install a system, landlords usually refused. Fortunately, new technology has changed that.

Wireless security systems are especially attractive for renters because they’re a one-time investment that keeps paying returns. Your GetSafe equipment is a portable alarm system that gives you a seamless transition from your old home to your new.

You can have a security system and lower insurance rates no matter where you live or how often you move. That’s one more reason why we’re the perfect security system for apartments and rental homes 

Don’t Have Renter’s Insurance? Get It Now

Only about 40% of renters carry renter’s insurance, even though the average premium in 2013 was just $188 for an entire year of coverage. 

Many people mistakenly assume that they’re covered by the landlord’s policy, and that could be an expensive mistake. For instance, if there’s a fire or a water leak and your furniture is damaged, it’s your responsibility to replace it; the landlord is only responsible for repairs. In case of a burglary, the landlord would replace the window the thief broke to enter, but you have to replace what he stole.

Renter’s insurance covers your personal belongings, personal liability, and most policies cover insured items when they’re outside your home – like if someone broke into your car and stole your phone and laptop. Some policies even offer living expenses if your apartment is damaged and you’re unable to live there during repairs.

Many factors influence your insurance costs:

  • Property location
  • Level of coverage and deductible
  • Type of property (home/apartment/mobile home, etc.)
  • Your credit score  

With budgets tight, renter’s insurance may seem like a luxury, but consider the risk you’re taking. If a policy sounds expensive, think of the cost to replace your computer, smartphone, small appliances, clothes, and furniture – all at the same time.

Keep Insurance Updated

Remember to update your insurance when you move. If you acquire a new expensive item (jewelry, perhaps), contact your agent to see if you need to increase your coverage. And certainly contact the insurer after you install your new GetSafe system!

GetSafe’s Starter Kit is an affordable home security solution. It already helps protect your safety and your property. Contact an insurance agent to see how it can benefit your budget too.

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