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Horrific Home Security Mistakes

Horrific Home Security Mistakes

Are you guilty of making these common security mistakes? If so you could be putting yourself at a higher risk of home intrusion. 

1) I have a dog so I don’t need a security system

We love dogs and think they are a great companion as well as providing that extra sense of security. A dog alone though isn’t enough to protect your home from break ins. While they may seem like fix to preventing break ins there are plenty of cases where dogs were either no help in stopping an intruder or where the dog was injured by the home intruder.  Make sure to keep your home as well as your furry friend safe by having a security system installed. 


2) You Don’t Have a Security System

Just because you think you live in a safe neighborhood doesn’t mean you aren’t vulnerable to break ins. Not having a system in your home leaves you susceptible to being broken into. Your neighborhood is nice? Perfect- burglars see that as a place where the pay outs will be better. Having fake security deters isn’t a solution either. You have fake beware of dog signs, or security cameras around your home to help scare off burglars. While that might seem like an easy and fast solution, when your house is robbed it quickly because an expensive problem. 


3) TMI (Too Much Information!)

Are you posting every time you go out of town for vacation? Are you on social media letting everyone know your schedule- when you are and aren’t home? This is prime real estate for burglars to find out when to target your home. We aren’t saying your friends are scoping out your place but social media branches out to friends of friends who could be looking for a house to target. Burglars will find your update posts especially helpful in knowing when to go to your home. 


4) You Have Self-Monitoring Cameras Only

 Great you can see your home and check in every once in awhile. But what about the times you aren’t glued to your phone? You are busy at work, out at an event, or just spending quality time with friends or family. You aren’t going to be monitoring your home for break ins. Unlike self-monitoring, professional monitoring systems will be there to take the extra steps in actually catching a burglar who tries to rob your home, without you having to watch your phone. They will be there for you 24/7 to watch over your home. 

security camera or cctv camera on ceiling

5) You Think It Can’t Happen To You

While you shouldn’t have to live in fear of your home security you can’t think that you are invincible to having a break in happen to you. Adding a layer of protection to your home will help to secure your home and give you actual peace of mind. If you have had the unfortunate of being robbed before or one of your neighbors have been, don’t think you are off the list. Burglars often target neighborhoods and the same house multiple times- since they’ve learned some things from each attempt they make there. 

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At the end of the day you need to do not only what makes you feel more safe, but what will also actually make you more safe. Having an alarm system will provide your home with that layer of protection. Being monitored by a dispatch center will add even more protection and sense of security as you know will have law enforcement responding to your security’s alarms. 

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