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How To Fight Off A Burglar

How To Fight Off A Burglar

Like many crimes, burglary doesn’t seem that serious – until it happens to you. Having someone break into your home and steal your stuff while you’re away is bad enough. What would you do if it happened while you were at home? Here are true tales of people who figured out how to fight off a burglar – and win!

Give the Thief Something Else to Look At

Everyone enjoys a good “naked burglar story,” particularly when the thief gets caught, but what happens when a burglar confronts a nude homeowner? That seems to rattle the thieves just long enough for the would-be victim to get the upper hand.

A burglar in California saw more than he expected after breaking into a garage and rummaging for tools to help him get into the rest of the house. He was confronted by the homeowner, a retired firefighter who happened to be naked – and armed.

In Georgia, a would-be thief encountered a naked, armed homeowner and ran away after apologizing. Perhaps his contrition had something to do with the “grim reaper” tattoo:

“I have a tattoo of the grim reaper, my hair is sticking up all crazy and I’m naked,” said the homeowner, who asked that his name be withheld for safety reasons. “I’m not sure if (the burglar) was more afraid of me or the gun.”

Use the “Sword of Justice”

A Memphis woman used a rusty machete named “Rufus” to fight off a burglar climbing in through her bedroom window. When he ran, she chased him through the neighborhood with the machete!

Burglars really shouldn’t mess with armed women. An Indianapolis woman trained in medieval combat used those skills to subdue a burglar in her living room. He fled to her bedroom after she attacked him. She cornered him there and held him at bay with a ninjato (Japanese style sword) until the police arrived.

In Battle Creek, Michigan a burglar got a battle he didn’t expect when he kicked through the door of a house and found himself fighting a single mother, her dog, and two sons – one of whom was swinging a Samurai sword with intent to cause serious harm.

Duke It Out

(Top Video) Fed up by the second burglary attempt in months, a Massachusetts man confronted a burglar in a fistfight that left him with a broken hand and cuts.

(Below Video) In Washington State, a Marine who had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan found a burglar and a bag filled with jewelry and other valuables inside his parents’ home. The thief came came for easy money and stayed (unwillingly) for the wrestling match. Corporal Alex Pohle used his military skills to tackle and subdue the burglar until police arrived.

The Best Tip for “How to Fight Off a Burglar” Is to Keep Him Out of the House.

We enjoy these stories because the bad guys get their comeuppance. They broke in to make victims out of people who refused to be victims, and those stories are empowering. However, each incident could have ended very badly if the burglars had been armed or had just a few extra seconds to hit first.

Some people have even been sued by burglars they injured – or jailed after injuring or killing a burglar in their home. Let that sink in for a minute!

Not everyone has the reflexes and skills of a medieval fighter or modern-day Marine, so be proactive about protecting your home with a home security system. GetSafe’s DIY home security solution is affordable and easy to install. Use 1080p security cameras to see who is outside your door before you open it, get alerts on your smartphone (and from our call-monitoring center) when the system detects an intruder, and watch what’s happening at home from your office or the beach.

A security system that protects your home and your family, alerts police, and deters burglars is more reliable – and safer! – than even the sharpest Samurai sword.

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