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How To Prevent A Burglary

How To Prevent A Burglary

To stop a burglar, think like a burglar.

Think your home is safe from thieves? Consider these burglary facts and statistics:

Apartments are 85% more likely to be burglarized than single family homes.
Burglary isn’t a one-time thing: once victimized, you are 12 times more likely to have a repeat burglary.
Most burglaries happen in the daytime when most people are at work or school.

The good news? You can prevent a burglary at your home. Learn how to fight back and keep your home and family protected.
Inside your home

Install a security system. 83% of burglars say they’ll leave a home if they see an alarm system or an alarm company sign in a yard/window.

Hide your valuables. Burglars head first for the bedroom to look for cash, jewelry, guns, and other valuables. Hide them in places they don’t expect.

Lock your doors and windows. Many burglars don’t have to “break” in; they walk in through an unlocked door. Door and window alarm sensors alert you to comings and goings.

Be careful who you let in. It’s easy to copy a key: just ask any housekeeper, babysitter, dog walker, or ex boy/girlfriend. Sure, you got one key back, but how many others are out there? An RFID door lock [link] offers more security.

ID your belongings: Engrave your phone number of other identifying information on electronics and other valuables. Keep a record of all serial numbers.

Outside your home

Don’t hide a key. Burglars may be crooks, but they aren’t stupid. They know to look under the doormat or flower pot. 

Trim the bushes. Tall bushes and landscaping help burglars enter and leave without anyone noticing.

Don’t let mail & newspapers pile up. Have someone check our home daily when you’re away. Some burglars will blanket a neighborhood with pizza flyers on the doors, then come back the next day. Those uncollected flyers advertise that nobody is home.

Lock gates and garage doors. Thieves love to unlocked garages and privacy fences. Once they’re in, they can take their time getting in and out of the house with nobody noticing. Outside motion detector cameras provide added protection in case you forget to lock up.

Close the blinds. Burglars like to window shop as much as you do, so take care that your valuables aren’t on display.

Online safety can help prevent a burglary

Sure, you’re “friends” with the people on social media, but how well do you really know them? How well do you know their friends? Some studies have found that almost 50% of burglaries are committed by acquaintances or even family members of the victim.

Facebook and Twitter have places of honor in a burglar’s toolkit. When you “check in” at a local restaurant or post photos of the morning sunrise from your rented beach house, you’re advertising that you aren’t at home, so it’s safe to break in. And did you post photos of your wedding presents or brag about your new computer or TV or tablet? If so, you just told the world that you have something worth stealing.

A home burglary takes place every 15 seconds. Don’t be a victim! Prevent a burglary with a home security system.  It’s your first-line of defense against theft and home invasions. GetSafe’s Starter Kit gives you the home security essentials you need to stay safe. It’s easy to install, expand, and customize.

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