Something goes “bump in the night.” Is it your cat or a cat burglar? GetSafe’s motion detector alarm can tell the difference and alert you to danger. Our motion detectors sense activity from up to 40 feet away, so they’re perfect for large, open spaces in your home or your garage.





  • Heat-activated – The infrared sensor detects motion even in the dark.
  • Real-time alerts – Know when someone’s moving around, receive alerts straight to your smartphone.
  • Home or Away status – Tell your system when someone’s “at home” so you don’t trigger the alarm with normal home activities. When you’re out of the house, set it to “away” mode, and the motion detector is on guard.
  • 100% wireless – Mount the unit on the wall or sit it on a shelf 6.9-7.1 ft up from the floor.
  • Energy efficient – PIR sensors use less energy than other motion detectors. Battery life is up to three years.
GetSafe Home Security Motion Detector



Your Motion Detector Sensor has an infrared eye that detects warm bodies moving around your home, day or night. Place it where it can view high traffic areas of your home.

Install a DOOR SENSOR on the exterior door and use the motion detector alarm to help monitor a room with many windows. Instead of putting a sensor on every window in a room you can use the motion detector to cover a large space.



Your motion detector features a tamper alert that triggers whenever the sensor is tilted. The tamper alert will reset once the sensor is placed upright and is still for about a minute.  Note that installing batteries or mounting the sensor may trigger a tamper alert which is normal and the alert will clear once the sensor is mounted.



Avoid annoying false alarms caused by active pets. Unlike older motion sensor technologies, our system can distinguish between large warm-blooded animals and small ones, so it can tell your cat from a cat burglar.

The detector uses heat-sensing technology to distinguish between human movement and small (40 pounds or less) pet activity. GetSafe’s motion detector alarm is part of the STARTER KIT or available as an optional add-on accessory.

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