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Burglars Exposed! Naked Burglars Caught on Camera

Burglars Exposed! Naked Burglars Caught on Camera

When did burglary become clothing-optional? It’s hard to believe, but naked burglars are relatively common, although they do seem to show themselves in mostly warmer climates. Here are some recent incidents of criminal indecency caught on video by security cameras.

“What’s Ronald Reagan doing here?”

That’s the question that a family in Vestavia Hills, AL had to be asking last New Year’s Eve. Responding to a security system alert, they saw a man wearing a Ronald Reagan mask (and strategically placed sock) prowl around outside their home.

The “Ronald Reagan burglar” became a YouTube sensation.

“The camera caught him – buck naked!”

This woman in Slidell, LA had installed a security system a month before her 1080p night vision security camera showed her more than she ever wanted to see. While she was (fortunately) out of town, a naked burglar took a garden-hose shower in her driveway, knocked on her bedroom window, broke into her home and trashed it. Then, he took the time to cook a meal and shower again before leaving.

Florida seems to have more than its share of bawdy bandits.

“A sausage thief, in the flesh.”

A retirement community in Florida was investigating a theft of sausage from the community clubhouse when the security camera revealed more about the thief than they expected. This naked burglar came looking for a mouthful and gave residents an eyeful.


“That’s wrong on so many levels”

These immodest intruders in Bonita Springs, FL were naked and hungry. They broke into a local restaurant, roamed around the kitchen, and stole hamburgers, bacon, and red peppers. As the news anchor noted, if it weren’t an actual crime, you’d think it was a comic scene from a movie.


“I haven’t slept in my room since that night”

As much as we giggle at these stories, this home intrusion was no laughing matter for a family in Longwood, FL. A naked burglar woke their teenage daughter before fleeing from the house. Think about the consequences if she had been home alone:

The family didn’t have a security system, so the burglar was able to remove window screens and even leave a window open to facilitate his escape from the home. With no video evidence, police had to identify the suspect based on a drawing (of his face) done by a sketch artist.

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