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Professional Security Monitoring: Catch Burglars In The Act

Professional Security Monitoring: Catch Burglars In The Act

The debate between self-monitored home security systems and professional security monitoring boils down to this simple question: who is paying attention? Self-monitoring is a cost-effect security solution, but it places the burden on you to receive the alert, notice it, and respond immediately. What if you’re busy or your phone battery is dead?

Surveillance Cameras: “I Saw What You Did”

YouTube is full of burglary videos posted by homeowners. Many show the intruders entering the house, rummaging for valuables, and sometimes even fixing a meal before leaving with everything they can carry. In this case, the thieves even stole the camera – and $30,000 worth of valuables.

A simple surveillance camera, something like a “nanny cam,” is a good option if you need to keep tabs on people who have permission to be in your home. You can make sure they don’t drink all the beer or leave your child unattended.

In cases like this, however, all the camera does is give you a memorable home movie. Hopefully, the police can match the intruder’s face with a known criminal, but if not, you’re out of luck.

Self-Monitored Security Systems Sound the Alarm

Unlike basic surveillance cameras, self-monitored systems offer more comprehensive home security. GetSafe’s Starter Kit is a DIY security system with an entry sensor, motion detector alarm, and alarm siren. When the system detects an intruder, it sounds an ear-splitting alarm and sends an alert to your smartphone. If your system contains the optional motion detector camera, you can even save video clips of the event.

Effective self-monitoring requires your attention and a cell connection 24/7. Many people don’t consider the many everyday situations that put them out of touch – at least temporarily:

  • Cell phone “dead zones” in certain areas. Check this interactive map to see if you regularly travel to areas with connection problems.
  • Hospitals: Many hospitals strongly discourage or prohibit cell phone usage in specific areas. You could miss an important alert while visiting a friend or relative.
  • Important life moments: There are just times in your life when you don’t want to be interrupted by your phone! Weddings, honeymoons, childbirth, religious services, job interviews, etc.

GetSafe offers low-cost self-monitoring for just $19/month, but consider the benefits of professional monitoring before you decide.

Professional Security Monitoring: We Have Your Back, 24/7

When life (or geography) interferes with your technology use, you can rely on GetSafe. Our operators monitor your security system 24/7 whether you’re at home or away.   Here’s how it works:

  • Detect: Operators receive an alert from your system.
  • Verify: They try to contact you to check the situation, always asking for your secret passcode to verify your identity than that you aren’t being forced to say “all is ok.”
  • Contact: If needed, the operators dispatch first responders and provide information about the situation.

Home insurance discounts are another benefit of professional security monitoring. Insurance companies offer premium discounts for monitored systems, but not for self-monitoring.

If you’re busy at work, on vacation, asleep, or forgot to charge your phone, no worries. With monitored home security, someone is always watching and ready to take action. You may still get that “home movie” of the burglars, but with a happier ending: police apprehending the thieves and hauling them off to jail.

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