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Is Santa Real? Home Security Cameras Say “Yes!”

Is Santa Real? Home Security Cameras Say “Yes!”

Every school has at least one mean kid who delights in spoiling Santa for everyone else. “He’s not real! Your parents buy the presents!” Oh, but many home security cameras tell a different story when they capture Santa’s visit on video. Use your camera keep the wonder of Santa Claus alive – for at least a little longer.

Videos Show Santa’s Magic Skills

There’s quite the debate among psychologists about whether belief in Santa is “healthy” for children or whether it “destroys trust” between children and adult authority figures. Many parents disagree:

As her son outgrew his fear of the man in the red suit, Jorgensen realized why parents tell their children about Saint Nick in the first place: magic.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it? Presents of every kind appearing under the tree,” she says. “Adults don’t get that kind of magic. How wonderful that they can have that.”

Some adults have learned to extend the “magic” of Santa to video, using home security cameras or regular video cameras. Having a video of Santa in the living room is amazing enough for young children, but when he shows his tricks for getting down the chimney with a big bag of gifts…. that’s real magic!

These kids were thrilled by home security camera video that showed both Santa and Mrs. Claus stopping by:

Watch Live Video with GetSafe Home Security Cameras

Imagine watching a live video feed of Santa enjoying his cookies and filling the stockings with gifts. You can have that with GetSafe’s home security equipment. Set the security rules to watch live video on your smartphone and even save video clips to watch again. With our indoor HD camera, you can record these memories in full 720p resolution.

Remember though: Santa isn’t the only person who might be sneaking into your home! The season’s bounty – all those gifts under the tree for family and friends – can make your home an attractive target for burglars. Sometimes the packages don’t even make it inside if a doorstep thief spies them first. Our GetSafe alarm system will alert you when anyone enters or exits your home. The Smart Hub notifies you and our call center if an intruder trips a door/window sensor or activates the motion detector camera.

Check out our holiday safety tips for information about keeping your gifts and family secure during the holiday season. Have a wonderful, safe holiday season!

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