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The Secret Life of Pets – Caught On Camera

The Secret Life of Pets – Caught On Camera


What does your pet do all day – or all evening – when you’re gone? A home security camera can tell you. They’ve caught dogs and cats doing everything from opening the fridge for a snack to attacking intruders. Here’s a glimpse into the secret lives of pets.

These Dogs Are In It For Food And Fun

Many dog lovers are stunned to find that their laid-back, loving companion is actually a criminal mastermind in disguise. Fortunately, the goal isn’t world domination, but food and frolic.

Enter the Splash Zone

This family thought the neighborhood kids were using their pool without permission, so they set up their 1080p night vision security camera to catch the perpetrators. They were surprised by the actual culprit.


You Open The Fridge For Food, Why Can’t I?

This dog checks out the garbage pail first, but then realizes that there’s no reason to settle for the leftovers if the refrigerator is well-stocked! The family might need to get a lock.


Some Like It Hot

There’s nothing like a dog with a plan. When the toaster oven timer beeped, this little guy knew it was time to act. Watch as he pushes a chair to the counter, jumps up, and enjoys a hot meal of chicken nuggets.


Superhero Cats Save The Day

Author Terry Pratchett observed: in ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” Well some sure haven’t! Take a look at these powerful kitties who protect their young companions by fighting off dastardly dogs and hapless babysitters.

Take That, You Hound!

Outdoor security cameras recorded this video of a family cat saving a toddler from a dog attack.  It quickly went viral.  No wonder.


Back Off, Babysitter!

It was just a little misunderstanding that led the family feline to ferociously attack the babysitter. But with the sound of breaking glass followed by the cries of the family toddler, what was he to think? The family’s home security camera recorded the action.


Superhero Dogs Repel Intruders

“Man’s best friend” is interlopers’ worst enemy in these two clips.  Those bear cubs and thieving raccoon never had a chance.

The Bears and the Bulldog

This little bulldog didn’t take kindly to bear cubs prowling on the property.  Good thing mama bear wasn’t nearby though.


Raccoon Rascal Meets His Match

It seemed like the perfect crime. Enter through the open pet door and have a tasty midnight snack. But the family dog wasn’t having it.


And Then There’s The Mayhem

Every animal has its own agenda, and some just seem bent on destruction, deceit, and dishonesty.

There’s Nothing on to Watch

Who needs a TV when there’s no programming for cats? This kitty makes her frustration all too apparent.


Kleptomaniac Cat Terrorizes Neighborhood

Anyone missing a shoe, swimsuit, or even a bra in this neighborhood knows where to find the lost item.  Chances are, Dusty the Klepto Cat has been by.


Ummm… I Meant to Do That!

Fritz the dog just wanted to hop up and check out the kitchen counter. But he misjudged the jump, fell, and took a lot of stuff with him.  It wasn’t exactly “poetry in motion.”


What Would Your Home Security Camera Show?

Your pets may be partying, bravely defending the premises, or destroying cherished possessions. Was it the new puppy, the disgruntled older dog, or did the cat set them both up?

GetSafe’s security cameras are optional add-ons to our Starter Kit.  Use one to catch burglars in the act or watch your dog open the fridge for a quick mid-day snack.

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