Setup Tips

Here are some quick reminders when setting up your GetSafe devices
Smart Hub
Entry Sensor
Motion Detector

Overall tips to remember

All devices must be within 1640 ft from the Smart Hub
Make sure to place any wall devices on a clean, dry, and flat wall
When using adhesive make sure to hold press the adhesive against the wall for 30 seconds before releasing

Smart Hub

The Hub needs to be plugged into an internet router and power source
Place it in a central location to the surrounding sensors
Avoid covering the Hub as it will have the furthest range in open air
Keep the Hub upright on its stand


Keep the Siren in an accessible area that’s not easily found by intruders
Do not cover the Siren
Make sure it is within 1640 ft range of the Hub
The Siren does not need to be installed on the wall
If you are using the adhesives, make sure you are applying to a clean, flat surface and press the adhesives against the wall for a minimum of 30 seconds
Installation alternative: drill screws into the punch out holes on back panel and into the wall


Place on a flat vertical wall surface or in a corner of a room between 2 walls Surface must be clean, dry, flat and smooth
Surface must be clean, dry, flat and smooth
When using the side adhesives, make sure the adhesives are in complete contact with the wall
Press and hold against the wall for at least 30 seconds before releasing
Make sure the motion detector lens faces downward and has full view (nothing blocking its view under or in front of it)
Ideal installation height is 6.9 – 7.1 ft above the ground
Do not place opposite of a window, facing sunlight or any other strong light sources
Position it so it can capture images from the entry points
Make sure the device is within 1640 ft range of the Hub
Installation alternative: drill screws into the punch out holes on back panel and into the wall
After initial install, motion detector will go into a 30 min test period


Surface must be clean, dry, flat and smooth
Make sure the device(s) are within 1640 ft from the Hub
There should be no more than 1 inch between transmitter and magnet when closed, but should not be touching
Dots on transmitter and magnet must be facing each other and aligned
Ideal installation position on:
A Door
A left right window
A bottom top window
A sliding door
Cabinets, drawers and more!
Installation Alternative: use punch-outs in the back panel of the transmitter to drill screws into the wall, magnet can only be installed with the double-sided tape
Test: LED should flash red with opened and green when closed

Flood Sensors

Place in high-risk flood areas
Near air conditioners
By washing machines
Near sinks
Place transmitter on wall or furniture/appliances so the sensor is hanging straight and resting on the ground
The water sensor should allow any amount of water to flush through it, ensuring the flood is detected at its first signs
Installation alternative: drill screws into back panel of transmitter so it's secured against the wall and into the water sensor to secure the floor


Ideal window sticker location is bottom center of the window
Ideally one window sticker on each window, minimum recommendation of one window sticker on each side of the house
Glass door window sticker location should be adjacent to the door handle

Don't hesitate to call our support team if you have any questions!

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