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The Center of Your Home Security System

The GetSafe Smart Hub is the center of your home security system. With the Smart Hub’s small and elegant design, there’s no ugly keypad that mounts on the wall. Simply plug the Smart Hub into your Internet router, and place it discreetly in view or out of sight.


No Installation Required

Use the online interface to register the system, then do everything else through your smartphone— from reprogramming to receiving alerts. The Smart Hub is designed to be modular and expandable. It lets you start at the basic level with our inexpensive Starter Kit, and grow your system effortlessly as you choose.

Adding devices is easy. The Smart Hub can handle up to 64 different devices at once. Simply turn them on, and the Smart Hub instantly recognizes them. No programming. No registering. No time wasted.

The Smart Hub also accommodates multiple users for your growing family network. By adding simple accessories, the Smart Hub can even handle existing third-party and wired devices.

Smart Security for Smart Homes

Once you’ve protected your doors and windows, you may want to expand to fire, flood, and carbon monoxide detection, or perhaps add cameras or audio. Simply place the devices wherever you want them in your home, and integrate them easily to the Smart Hub. You can add smart door locks, light dimmers, thermostats, two-way audio, streaming video—the possibilities are endless.

The Get Safe Smart Hub contains a long-lasting rechargeable battery, so it’s immune to power outages. It communicates wirelessly with all detection devices in your home through our proprietary RF signal, which is encrypted for total security.

Receive Alerts Easily

Our convenient web app makes it easy to manage your Smart Hub remotely and receive alerts. For added security, upgrade your system to our 24/7 operations center. We’ll send you a SIM card to add to the Smart Hub so you’re connected round the clock through both the internet and the 4G cellular network.

  • User-controlled: Use the smartphone or web app to arm/disarm your system and decide what alerts you want to receive.
  • Battery-operated: No need to locate it near an outlet.
  • Optional backup communication channel: Connect an Ethernet LAN cable and install a SIM card for added security. If your Internet connection goes out, the Smart Hub will use the cellular channel as a backup.
  • Easy to hide: Thieves look for a control panel by the door. You can place the Smart Hub anywhere.
  • Rechargeable battery included: The Smart Hub will keep

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