Home security systems shouldn’t me a one size fits all. With GetSafe Smart Rules, your system is customizable to fit you. Smart Rules allow you to control your system to fit your schedule and lifestyle.


General Info

  • Only Master Users can create, modify, activate and deactivate rules.
  • Standard users can view Rules and the definitions.
  • Each action executed as a result of a Rule is logged as an event.
  • Maximum of 20 rules allowed per Smart Hub.
  • A rule must have at least 1 trigger.

Some Example Rules to Inspire You!

Dog Walker
Auto Disarm
Work Arm
Baby Sitter
Wake Up Alarm
Siren Chime at Certain Time

Step By Step How To Videos

There are 3 types of Smart Rules that you can set up- scheduling, arming, and device. These rules are different based on what triggers them. Having different types of triggers means the system can be adapted and used based on how your lifestyle sees fit. 

Scheduling Rule:

triggered by a specific time and date, time frame, or frequency. 


Device Rule: 

triggered by an event detected by a device


Arm Mode Rule:

triggered by arming system arming modes


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