Motion Detector

motion-detector-bigYour Motion Detector Sensor has an infrared eye that detects warm bodies moving around your home, day or night.  Place it where it can view high traffic areas of your home.




The sensors in your Starter Kit have already been paired with your GetSafe Hub, which means they are recognized by the system.  They just need batteries.


To install the battery, lift and slide off the back of the sensor, then press the tab near the top of the sensor to open the battery compartment. Add 2 AA batteries and close the sensor. 


After installing the batteries, you should see a small red light inside the sensor turn on when it detects motion.




Step 1. Decide where to place your sensor.  Many people choose to mount their sensor in a corner of a room near the ceiling, giving it a clear view of the whole room. Make sure to place the sensor 6.9-7.1 ft up from the floor.


  • Be sure you turn the sensor the right way when mounting it: the glass eye should be on the bottom, and the LED light should be at the top, like in the photo above.
  • The Motion Detector can see up to 39 feet away, and has a wide field of view (900 horizontal, 1050 vertical).
  • For the best coverage, try not to place the sensor opposite a window or other strong light source.  Counters, cabinets and furniture can keep the sensor from having a clear view of parts of the room.


Step 2. Peel the adhesive tape from the back of the sensor. Firmly press the sensor against wall and hold it for 20 seconds.


Step 3. Test the sensor by moving around the room. As the sensor detects your movements, you should see it blink red for a second. 

That’s it! You’re done.

Now you can activate your Key Fob and the optional flood sensor.



Normal Operation Mode

This mode is designed to save the device battery power. Each time the Detector device detects an activity:

  • The Detector sends an event report to the Hub.
  • The device LED turns Red.
  • The Detector switches to a 2-minute hibernation period. The Detector does not transmit events to the Hub during this period.

If activity is detected during the hibernation period:

  • The Detector does not send event reports to the Hub.
  • The device LED remains off.
  • The 2-minute hibernation period restarts.

This process repeats until there is no activity detection for the entire 2-minute period. After the completion of the 2-minute hibernation period, the motion detector/camera detector resumes normal operation.


Walk Test Mode

The Walk Test Mode is a test mode used following a device power-up (the replacement of a battery or the addition of a new detector) for initial system testing of the device.

  • This test runs for about 30 minutes.
  • During this period, the device continues to send event reports to the Hub when detecting actual events.
  • No hibernation period occurs during the 30 minute test.

To confirm the motion detectors are working properly, please take out the batteries and insert them back again – this will enable 30 minutes of detections, in which you can test the IR detections.

If you go out of the room/coverage of the PIR for a period of 5 minutes (the purpose is to ensure no detection at that time) and enter the room back gain afterwards – the IR will now detect motion.




If you have problems, here are things to check for:


  • Tamper Alert – Your motion detector features a tamper alert that triggers whenever the sensor is tilted. The tamper alert will reset once the sensor is placed upright and is still for about a minute.  Note that installing batteries or mounting the sensor may trigger a tamper alert. This is normal and the alert will clear once the sensor is mounted.




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