Smart Hub

smart-hub-bigWelcome to the Smart Hub. Easy starts here.


The Hub is the heart of your GetSafe Home Security system. It replaces the old-fashioned Control Panel idea. YOU are the control, using your phone app. The Hub does the rest.




Like everything by GetSafe, this is simple Plug n’ Play.


  • Step 1. Plug the Hub into an electrical outlet. The light on the front turns RED
  • Step 2. Plug the network cable into the Hub and into your modem or router. Now you have two ways to talk to us, internet and cellular.
  • Step 3. Slot the rechargeable, long-life backup battery into place. Now you have protection in case of a power failure.
  • Step 4. Replace the back cover. Place the Hub somewhere nice.




Now, wait for the ORANGE light on the front of the Hub to turn GREEN. Be patient – give it a good 3 minutes – the Hub is establishing its Internet connection and setting up its software for action in your home.


When the light turns GREEN, the Hub will discover and talk to any GetSafe sensors you add to your home. It uses our proprietary, encrypted signal.




Simply download the free GetSafe app and <REGISTER> your new account. To register, you’ll need the serial number of your system, which  you can find on the bottom of the SmartHub.  

Next step: install your entry sensors.




If you have problems, here are things to check for:


  • Make sure you have electricity at your outlet.
  • If green light on the front blinks, battery is low. Let it charge.
  • Make sure you have an Internet connection – two little lights at the Hub end of the network cable show Green for connectivity and orange for speed.
  • If the light in front stays red, you have power but no Internet connection.
  • If the light in front stays orange you have problems connecting with our server. Contact support



  • Internet – Verify connections. Verify not dial-up. Verify router port 43001 is open.
  • SIM – Verify card installed correctly. Check cellular provider for outages.

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