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GetSafe Home Security’s Smart Hub is the nerve center of your home security system. With the Smart Hub’s small and elegant design, there’s no ugly keypad that mounts on the wall.

All the devices talk wirelessly in your home through our proprietary RF signal – encrypted for total security. Simply plug the Smart Hub into your Internet router, and place it discreetly in view or out of sight.



There’s no installation required with the Smart Hub. Simply download the GetSafe mobile app and control everything through your smart phone – from setup, to video, to receiving alerts.

Every GetSafe Smart Hub contains a long-lasting rechargeable battery and an AT&T 3G cellular sim card. So even if you have a power outage or lose your Wi-Fi, your GetSafe system will keep protecting you.

GetSafe Home Security - Wireless Hub
GetSafe Home Security fits your modern lifestyle


The Smart Hub lets you start small and grow your system as needed. The Starter Kit may be all you need for a small apartment. Over time, you can expand your system with more sensors and monitoring.

Adding devices is easy – the Smart Hub can handle up to 64 different Security Devices, and plug and play is its middle name. Just turn them on and the Smart Hub instantly recognizes them. No programming, no registering, no problems!


It also handles multiple users for your growing family. You have to ability to network sharing your security and monitoring access. With simple accessories the Smart Hub can even handle existing 3rd-party and wired-in devices.

It’s up to you who can have access to the system from their phone. You can give and take away users at any time. For limited time access we recommend letting the person borrow a key fob remote.


As your needs grow, grow a smart home. Expand your security and environment monitoring system as elegantly as you want – the Smart Hub can handle it. Add smart door locks, light dimmers, thermostats, 2-way audio, streaming video, whatever you want.

Once you’ve protected your doors and windows, you may want to expand to get a smoke detector, flood sensor , or maybe a few cameras. Simply place the devices in the desired areas of your home and easily pair them with the app.


  • Make sure you have electricity at your outlet.

  • If green light on the front blinks, battery is low. Let it charge.

  • Make sure you have an Internet connection – two little lights at the Hub end of the network cable show Green for connectivity and orange for speed.

  • If the light in front stays red, you have power but no Internet connection.

  • If the light in front stays orange you have problems connecting with our server. Contact support


  • Internet – Verify connections. Verify not dial-up. Verify router port 43001 is open.

  • SIM – Verify card installed correctly. Check cellular provider for outages.

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