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Airbnb – Home Security Systems To Protect Your Guests & Home

Airbnb – Home Security Systems To Protect Your Guests & Home

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners and renters use Airbnb to make extra money, but are the risks worth the benefit? Host horror stories include guests throwing wild parties and opening pop-up brothels. Yikes! What’s a host to do? Airbnb home security systems protect your property, guests, and may even allow you to charge a bit more for the rental.  What’s not to like?

Understand Airbnb Home Security System Rules

Airbnb rental view of living room space.

Airbnb rules prohibit hosts for using hidden cameras or any sort of surveillance system to spy on guests. You must disclose the presence of any sort of surveillance device or face penalties:

If you’re a host and you have any type of surveillance device in or around a listing, even if it’s not turned on or hooked up, we require that you let guests know by including this information clearly in your listing description and photographs. If a host discloses the device after booking, Airbnb will allow the guest to cancel the reservation and receive a refund. Host cancellation penalties may apply.

While this this doesn’t prohibit all cameras in all areas: it does require you to disclose their presence. Also, state and local laws vary, so make sure you understand all the rules and regulations.

Airbnb doesn’t require hosts to have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors, but why wouldn’t you? They save lives and reduce home insurance premiums. You get an added layer of security with a smoke detector that integrates with your monitored home security system: it will report the fire even if you aren’t home to hear the alarm.

You must respect guests’ privacy, but you can “trust, but verify” using these home security options.

Keyless Entry Systems: No More Copied Keys

Even without Airbnb, a keyless entry system is an important safety feature for anyone who regularly has people in and out of the house – dog walkers, babysitters, cleaning crews, etc. It’s easy to get a key copied, and landlords don’t always change the locks when a new renter moves in. In that case, you really have no idea how many people have keys to your house.

With keyless entry, you give guests a pass code instead of a key. It can’t be copied, and only works for the length of the guest’s stay. This is safer for you and your guests: they can be sure that last week’s Airbnb customer won’t have access to the property or their stuff.

Yale Z-Wave locks are part of GetSafe’s home automation toolset. They integrate with the GetSafe app and allow you to remotely lock/unlock the door, create unique pass codes, and more. Set a unique pass code for different people, so you know who’s coming, going, and when.

Airbnb rental front door exterior view.

OFF LIMITS! Protect Personal Areas with Entry Sensors

Airbnb home security guidelines encourage hosts to lock up valuables, but entry sensors allow you to protect specific areas or entire rooms.

Guests in your home – even paying guests – should understand that some areas are private: bedrooms, bedside tables, medicine cabinets, and anywhere else they’ve been asked to avoid.  Make sure the basic orientation information about the property lists all “off-limits” areas. Still, be prepared: some people are either poor listeners or just plain nosy.

Use entry sensors to alert you if someone opens a prohibited door, window, cabinet, or drawer. They will also give you a heads up if your guests accidentally leave a door or window open when they check out. If you’re not nearby, you can dispatch a friend or property agent to secure the property.

Use the Nest Thermostat & Other Smart Home Tools

GetSafe home security connects with Nest thermostat.

These are particularly useful Airbnb home security options for hosts who travel frequently or don’t live near their rental property. GetSafe’s system works with Nest, so you can avoid the danger of frozen pipes and control utility costs. Other home automation tools allow you to turn lights on and off and monitor your home using our robust app.

Advertise an Airbnb Home Security Set-up as a Feature

People visiting unfamiliar areas often feel vulnerable, particularly seniors or women traveling alone. They’ll feel more comfortable in a secure environment. List your security system as an amenity. It could quickly pay for itself with more bookings at slightly higher rates. Check to see if you need an alarm permit and educate guests on how to use the system. False alarm fines can quickly eat up any extra revenue.

Contact our home security experts for a quote or call 1-844-804-2622 to learn more about how GetSafe can help you add value to your Airbnb rental.

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