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Set up your GetSafe Medical Alert System in minutes. Watch our how-to videos for easy-to-follow instructions. And if for any reason you have questions, we’re ready to answer them.

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How-to videos


Pairing a Device

Setup your system

  • 1. Connect the Main Base Unit

    1. Connect the Main Base Unit

    Simply plug the power cord to an outlet. (Make sure it’s not an outlet controlled by a light switch). Turn the switch from ‘Off’ to ‘On’. The lights will flash and the device will connect to the network. The system will let you know when it’s ready and how good the connection is.

  • 2. Place Devices in High Risk Areas

    2. Place Devices in High Risk Areas

    All devices from the initial order will already come paired. Place any wall buttons and addition devices in high-risk areas such as bathrooms, stairs, hallways, laundry room, etc. 

  • 3. Tests All Devices

    3. Tests All Devices

    It’s important to test your system and all devices at least once per month. Trigger the alarm and proceed as if it was a real emergency. Our monitoring center will come over the two-way speaker and check your status. Let them know all is good and it was just a test. Repeat this process for all devices to ensure the connection is working. 

  • 4. Return Client Info Form

    4. Return Client Info Form

    The included Client Information Form provides our emergency monitoring center with vital information such as home access, emergency contacts, and your preferred protocol.

  • 5. Vial of Life

    5. Vial of Life

    Fill out the Vial of Life with the necessary information and place it somewhere in your home that is easy to access (on refrigerator door, nightstand, counter, etc.). During an emergency, EMTs can reference the Vial of Life for medications, allergies, and other important health details. 


Need Help?

Need Help?

GetSafe provides consultation, technical support and customer service from our headquarters in California. We keep our medical monitoring separate to ensure quality connection during emergencies. Our trained USA-based dispatchers are available 24/7, including all holidays.

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