Choosing the Perfect Gift for the Senior Members of Your Family

Choosing the Perfect Gift for the Senior Members of Your Family

Gift giving, as wonderful as it is, can sometimes also cause a bit of a headache. And if the person you’re gifting is difficult to buy for, it can be a real struggle.

You can also find yourself facing a different kind of challenge – for example, you may be out of touch with what teenagers like to get these days. Or, you may find it difficult to find the right gifts for the senior members of your family.

In this post, we’ll look at seven gifts you should consider for your beloved seniors, from the simple and inexpensive to the indulgent and with a slightly higher price tag.

The Gift of History

The Gift of History

Technology and medical research now allow us to uncover practically everything there is to know about our genetic ancestry. Just a simple DNA test can uncover your family’s heritage, help you discover family members around the globe, and spark endless conversations around the dinner table about your family’s journey and history.

There are different kinds of tests you can get your parents or grandparents, and you can also add a family album to them or start recording the stories they have to tell about where you come from. These will then become not only family heirlooms but also a wonderful way to preserve your family heritage.

The Gift of Memory

The Gift of Memory

Everyone who’s grown up in the pre-digital age has a whole bunch of memories modern generations find antiquated. What about all those VHS tapes of weddings and birthday parties? And surely, dear photos from holidays and family gatherings abound.

You can take the time to digitize all of these and enable your (grand)parents to enjoy them more often.

Of course, you might find some of these older formats are not salvageable. Nonetheless, you should at least have no trouble with making a digital photo album out of their physical one. That way, you won’t just help ensure the memories are preserved. You’ll also make it easier to pass them along to other members of the family, inspiring stories and reminiscences.

A Delivery Service

Seniors can sometimes have a hard time getting out and about, especially when the weather is harsh or at times when their health is suffering. To save them the effort and put a smile on their face, consider signing them up for a regular delivery.

You can get their weekly groceries delivered, which would be the most practical gift. Or, you can send them a regular takeout meal they like as a surprise. You can also make the gift a bit more indulgent and less fundamental. Consider a weekly flower delivery, a subscription box, or a magazine subscription.

A Challenging Game

A Challenging Game

As we get older, our cognitive abilities begin to diminish – that’s just a fact of life. However, by keeping the brain active, continually learning new things, and tackling a variety of problems, we can slow this process down and stay sharp for a long time.

This is what makes puzzles and games such a great gift. Gift them a card game, a board game, a stack of sudoku challenges, or a collection of crossword puzzles. Any sort of puzzle can not only help your senior pass the time of day but also keep them healthier.

You can also try to get them a game the whole family will like to play. Then, organize a regular get-together where you can spend some time playing. It can be a once-a-month affair, but the social interaction will provide a further mental health boost and bring a smile to grandma’s and grandpa’s faces.

An Experience

An Experience

Seniors love to have fun as much as everybody else! Just because you perceive them as old doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to go to a concert, see a show, or spend a day at a museum.

Consider their interests – or better yet, ask them what they are interested in and would like to do. Then do your best to secure tickets or find just the right book, album, or movie they will enjoy. If they’re unable to leave their home, sometimes a video or a podcast will be just as enjoyable and entertaining.

If they are fit and well, you can book a little stay at a hotel, even a local one, where they can be pampered. Or, you can even send them on a longer journey to a place they’ve always wanted to visit but never got the chance to see.

A Little Bit of Luxury

A Little Bit of Luxury

If you have the budget for something a little more extravagant, consider a gift that your beloved senior would never consider themselves.

We are by no means advocating spending a lot of money on something silly. But, for example, getting your grandmother a bottle of perfume she loves but would never spend her own money on can be a great gift. Not only will it add a touch of luxury to her day, but she’ll also think of you every time she wears it.

Then there are gadgets, an expensive meal, a luxurious pair of slippers, a very comfy dressing gown, and so on. Anything the senior will love to use and may even need can be a worthwhile splurge and a great gift.

A Medical Alert System

GetSafe Medical Alert System

Peace of mind can be considered the ultimate gift for any senior. After all, no matter how healthy they are today and how well they feel, something as innocent as a slip in the shower can confine them to the bed.

When an accident in the home does occur or when a senior suffers a sudden health crisis, the sooner they get help, the more likely a positive outcome. With a medical alert system installed, both you and they can rest assured help will be on the way immediately.

Our own medical alert system is easy to use and simple to install. It can provide all the help that a senior needs, whenever they need it.

Final Thoughts

All of these gifts are certain to make the life of that special senior in your life a bit brighter. Consider them for their next birthday, this Christmas, or just as a way to show your gratitude and affection.

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