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Five Extra Uses for Entry and Flood Sensors

Five Extra Uses for Entry and Flood Sensors

Exterior door and window sensors are your home’s first line of defense against intruders and flood sensors sound the alarm about leaks before they become floods. But don’t stop there! Our versatile sensors can alert you to a variety of security issues inside your home. Who got into the liquor cabinet? Who ate all the cookies? Who came home after curfew? Here’s how to find out.

1. Thwart the Cookie Monsters with Door Sensors

Snack cabinets and cookie jars exert an almost irresistible force on children and adults. Help them fight temptation. Even the quietest cookie thief can’t sneak past the entry sensor on the pantry door.

Chocolate chip cookies on a table.

2. Become a Pet Detective with Flood Sensors

Landlords absolutely hate urine stains and smells: it’s one of the main reasons that many rentals have “no pets” policies. If one of your pets has litter box or house training problems, a strategically placed flood sensors can send a real-time alarm to your smartphone. If you’re home, you can rush to the scene of the crime, pinpoint the perpetrator, and develop an intervention plan.

Perhaps you need to place some extra puppy pads or do some more house training. Sometimes, toilet problems are early indicators of health issues like urinary tract infections. Flood sensors in “problem areas” help you keep your pet healthy and your landlord happy.

Bulldog laying on the carpet in apartment rental.

3. Ditch the Party Chaperone with Door Sensors

Entertaining a large number of people means that you can’t watch everyone all the time. Sure, you trust your friends, but what about the buddies they invited? Then, the next morning, you’re left wondering who rifled through your medicine cabinet or who was in the closet trying on your clothes.

An entry sensor on the medicine cabinet or your bedroom door can alert you to bad behavior – or even the potential for bad behavior. It’s the next best thing to having a housemother in every room.

4. Catch Curfew Breakers with Door & Window Sensors

Sure, just about every teen sneaks into (or out of) the house after curfew at least once.You can’t watch them 24 hours a day, but a home security system can! You’ll receive an alert when your curfew breaker opens doors or windows to go in our out. It’s not spying: you’re just keeping track of who enters or leaves the house – and when.sensor

5. Spy on Your Roommate (Any Way You Can)

Don’t laugh. There are plenty of “horrible roommate” stories out there. Everything from the annoying roommate who “ate all the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups!” to the roommate with a lowlife boyfriend who liked to paw through other people’s underwear drawers.

It’s ok to spy on these snack thieves and underwear creeps. In fact, they’re asking for it! Place a window or door sensor on your bedroom door, personal fridge, your underwear drawer, and any other suspicious location.

The phrase “home security” covers a lot of ground. It can mean keeping your home safe from intruders and strangers – but sometimes the danger (or just plain irritation) happens inside your home. Fortunately, your GetSafe DIY home security system can help keep track of annoying roommates, nosy friends/family members, and more.


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