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Flood Sensors: Stop A Leak From Becoming A Flood

Flood Sensors:  Stop A Leak From Becoming A Flood

Some floods are huge events that send cars and houses floating away. That happened just recently in Louisiana when areas of the state got a year’s worth of rain in just a few days. It never rains in your apartment (we hope), but water could still pour from a broken pipe, washing machine hose, or even an overflowing toilet. While not a national disaster, a water leak can still be a huge hassle that costs you time and money. Learn how flood sensors can help protect your property.

BTW, you can learn how to help the Louisiana flood victims here.

Water Is a Powerful, Silent Enemy

Upon viewing the Grand Canyon for the first time, 1970’s TV character Peter Brady exclaimed to his parents: “Wow! No wonder you don’t want us to leave the faucets dripping!” He had a point: even a relatively small amount of water can do a lot of damage.

Rusty pipe at home bursting out with water.

Often it comes at times and places you least expect:

  • You’re taking the kids to school... the dishwasher or washing machine hose splits and pumps the water along baseboards and under cabinets – everywhere you really don’t need it to go. What a mess when you come home!
  • You’re on vacation… the water heater springs a leak and water sits and seeps until you come back.
  • You’re at work… a sudden storm turns into a deluge that floods the storm sewers and sends water under the door. Or else a water line breaks. Either way, it spells the ruin of rugs and carpets, books, and all the things you care about.
  • You just don’t notice the signs…  water damage from old plumbing has a way of starting small and growing bigger, silently over time.

Flood Sensors Find Water You Don’t Notice – At First

Flood sensors (also called water sensors) an optional add-on to your GetSafe Starter Kit.  Place them anywhere you think water might leak and cause damage. The sensor triggers an alert when it comes in contact with water. They’re easy to install and so small you’re likely to forget they’re there – until an alert saves the day! Should a pet or child displace the sensor, it will trigger a tamper alert and you can reset the sensor.

If you’re a homeowner, these numbers are scary:

  • Laundry rooms– A burst washing machine hose averages over $5,000 after deductible.
  • Drip pan of your hot water heater– Damage from a water heater failure averages over $4400 after deductible.

Damage on ceiling caused by damp and moisture on a wall from upstairs flood.

Are you a renter? Get renter’s insurance – now!

 If a flood, fire, or storm damages your apartment, the landlord will repair the structure, but won’t replace or reimburse you for the value of your property. Renter’s insurance isn’t nearly as expensive as replacing all your furniture, electronics, and clothes. Your home security system can often get you lower insurance rates too.

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